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OSHPD Inspection

Project Approach

Our team values the importance of a successful project. A successful project is a team effort. As part of that team, we believe that a proactive approach is a major key in accomplishing this goal. The following is a description of how we as a team provide our services:

  • Pre-construction meeting with the Designer, OSHPD, Contractor and Subcontractors:
    Through our experience it is critical to review the expectations of the team, identify necessary review with the authority having jurisdiction and local authority, the construction schedule and closeout process
  • Testing Inspection and Observation Program:
    We understand that the T.I.O. is critical in our construction project but also identify that a project has many more items to cover. In order to organize and execute this, a specific inspection outline is key to success. As part of our services, we generate a project specific outline for inspections required to incorporate into the Contractor’s schedule
  • Minimizing Constructibility Issues:
    We understand that issues do arise during the construction process; therefore, we provide a proactive approach. SBS provides a detailed constructibility and code review of the construction documents based on our experience in working in every type of construction process. Our collective knowledge base enables us to provide this beneficial proactive solution as opposed to a reactive resolution